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Mullege PLC has been established since the early sixties mainly trading all sorts of commodities in the local markets. It started in the southern region of Ethiopia known as wolayta and the city of Areka. The commodity trading has grown so rapidly where it became necessary to move the establishment to the capital city forthe coffee trading while continuing the other trading in Wolayta.

Mullege has been an exporting company since 1996 and have enjoyed the number ONE spot in volume of coffee exported and has won several awards of excellence in services and quality product.

Though we are mainly known as an exporting company we also have imported steel and machineries in the past. Today we have full pledged import department dealing from raw materials and food products, industrial goods like Hot Rolled Reinforcement Bars, Austrian Lumber etc.

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Mullege also had a vast experience in the processing industry of agricultural products such as processing of red coffee cherries into exportable green coffee beans. The industrial complex consists of ten pulping stations and three Hulling stations located strategically within the coffee producing areas of the country. There are also two major plants located in the capital city of Addis that process green coffee beans for export. The production capacity of our industries are 220Tons daily of export quality green coffee beans.


Mullege has another division that deals with transportation of goods from the industries to port of Djibouti using 45 trucks and trailers. This transport service for cargos between main cities and Djibouti port was originally planned only as a support for our coffee export business but in the last ten years it has grown to a nationally recognized freight service provider.

The main ideas here is to make safe pickup and deliveries without hurting or pressuring the operators and the trucks themselves. So company always trying to establish long term hauling for certain organizations like FAO UNDP and other non-governmental institutions and also makes deals with contractors that have continuous supplies brought in to the country frequently. The trucking business has grown two folds in the last two years and this has resulted in the purchase of more trucks.



Our philosophy is to maintain an open attitude towards new ideas and suggestions that can benefit us in earning foreign exchange and maximize profit through a business designed carefully to utilize the best interest of the client.


To be a new leading edge in Coffee Industry


Create a legendary company for coffee


Provide the best service in the coffee export


Provide the best service in the coffee export

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byThe New York Times

White House Enlists Mullege to Invest in Food Production for the World's Poor

Mullege is one of the 45 companies that was introduced by US president Barack Obama and leaders of four African countries at a symposium on global agriculture and food security that was held on May 18, 2012 ahead of the 2012 G8 Summit in US. Mullege as one of the major coffee exporter company in East Africa is part of the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition which President Barack Obama announced as anew global effort. Our CEO Mustefa Awol and International Sales Executive Yisehak Awel attended the G8 symposium.

byGlobal Coffee Review

Mullege to bring Ethiopian coffee to Melbourne International Coffee Expo

Bringing some Ethiopian flavour to Melbourne is Mullege and Adulina Coffee Exporter PLC. Established in 1994, the company is a leading coffee exporter in Ethiopia that specialises in exporting high quality green Arabica coffee beans.

byAfrican Fine Coffees Association

See you in Bujumbura
Stop by booth number 33

We will be attending the 11th African Fine Coffee conference and Exhibition that will be held in Bujumbura, Burundi 13th -15th February 2014


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